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Alison G Art

Awakening Serenity

Awakening Serenity

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"Awakening Serenity" encapsulates a profound personal transformation – the process of breaking free from the shackles of fear, embracing one's true self, and unlocking the boundless potential to pursue dreams. The colours used in this artwork play a pivotal role in conveying this message.

Deep turquoise, with its tranquil yet vibrant essence, symbolises the calmness that washes over us when we release our fears. It signifies the first step towards self-liberation, where we let go of doubts and anxieties that have held us back.

The deep violet hues in the artwork represent the journey of self-acceptance. They embody introspection and the realisation that we are all beautifully complex beings, worthy of love and acceptance. This colour signifies the courage it takes to acknowledge and celebrate our uniqueness.

Gold, with its lustrous and radiant qualities, is the ultimate expression of the freedom to follow our dreams. It represents the realisation that we are capable of achieving greatness, of pursuing our passions without constraints. Gold embodies the idea that, like precious treasures, our dreams are worth pursuing with dedication and enthusiasm.

Together, these colours harmoniously blend on the canvas, creating a visual narrative of transformation. "Awakening Serenity" invites viewers to reflect on their own journeys towards self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the pursuit of their most cherished dreams, reminding us that we, too, can break free from fear and follow our own unique paths to fulfilment.


  • A range of high quality Matisse, atelier, liquitex, golden acrylic paint


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Care Instructions

  • No direct sunlight - Get the right light and your art will stay beautiful for many decades, perhaps centuries. Your artwork has a protective layer of varnish, but it is still possible for it to crack or fade if subjected to bright sunlight for long periods of time. It is better to place artwork next to a window instead of directly in front.
  • Hanging your artwork - Consider the weight of the work and the strength of the wall on which it will be hung. Most moderately sized pieces can be hung from two nails or screws, or a traditional picture hook. However particularly large or heavy works may need more substantial fixings.
  • Cleaning your art piece - Dust your artworks: for framed works or pieces with hardier surfaces use a dry, soft white cloth and for paintings with heavy texture or fragile surfaces a soft white brush is better. Don't ever use cleaning products or water.
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