Discover the most lucrative platforms to monetise your art

Discover the most lucrative platforms to monetise your art

For artists, turning their creative passion into a sustainable source of income is a dream come true. Fortunately, in today’s digital landscape, there are numerous platforms that provide opportunities for artists to monetize their art and generate revenue. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most lucrative platforms that allow artists to showcase and sell their artwork, connect with buyers, and build a thriving artistic career while earning a living doing what they love.

  • Redbubble: offers a print-on-demand marketplace that enables artists to upload their artwork, which can then be printed on various products such as clothing, home decor, phone cases, and stationery. Artists can set their own profit margins, and Redbubble takes care of production, shipping, and customer service. This platform provides a hassle-free way for artists to monetize their art without the need for inventory or upfront costs.





  • Society6: similar to Redbubble, Society6 allows artists to showcase and sell their art on a wide array of products. Artists can upload their designs, and Society6 handles the printing, fulfillment, and customer support. Society6 also offers an active community of artists and buyers, increasing the exposure and potential sales for artists.


  1. Online marketplaces: Aside from Etsy, there are various online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon Handmade, Bluethumb and Artfinder that provide platforms for artists to sell their art to a wide audience. These platforms offer flexibility in terms of pricing, shipping options, and product range, giving artists the opportunity to reach diverse markets and attract potential buyers.

eBay is a well-established online marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including artwork. Artists can create their own eBay store or list their artwork as individual listings. They have control over pricing, shipping options, and can engage directly with potential buyers. With eBay’s extensive user base, artists can tap into a large audience and potentially attract collectors and art enthusiasts.

Amazon Handmade:
Amazon Handmade is a marketplace specifically designed for artisans and creators to sell their handmade goods. Artists can showcase their artwork alongside other handmade products and leverage Amazon’s vast customer base. Amazon Handmade provides various categories and subcategories for artists to list their art, making it easier for buyers to discover their work. The platform offers fulfillment options, including shipping, customer service, and even Prime eligibility for eligible products.

Artfinder is a curated online marketplace dedicated to original art. It provides a platform for artists to showcase their work to a global audience of art collectors and buyers. Artfinder emphasizes discovery, with various search filters to help buyers find specific types of artwork. Artists can create their own storefront, upload high-quality images of their art, and provide detailed descriptions. Artfinder also offers promotional opportunities, such as featured listings and artist interviews, to increase visibility and sales.

By utilizing these online marketplaces, artists can expand their reach beyond their local audience and tap into a broader global market. These platforms provide a convenient way to list and sell artwork, handle transactions, and ensure a secure purchasing process for buyers. Additionally, these marketplaces often have established trust and credibility, which can boost an artist’s reputation and attract serious buyers.

To succeed on these platforms, artists should focus on creating compelling listings with high-quality images and accurate descriptions. It’s important to highlight the unique aspects of the artwork, such as the inspiration behind it, the materials used, and any notable techniques or features. Artists can also leverage social media and their own websites to drive traffic to their listings, creating a cohesive online presence.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to establish competitive pricing that considers factors like the size, medium, complexity, and market demand for the artwork. Regularly updating listings, staying responsive to inquiries, and providing excellent customer service are essential to build trust and maintain positive relationships with buyers.

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